When Our Music Gear Was Destroyed

Christopher Parker said, “Procrastination is like a credit card; it is a lot of fun until you get the bills.” My next door neighbors were the coolest musicians I  knew. Listening to their angelic voices from my place was the most beautiful thing I could ever fathom. I came to realize that they were a group of friends who came together to form a musical band. They would practice in Mike’s house ( one of the band members who was my neighbor) because it was spacious enough for them to keep their awesome instruments when they were done. I had been stalking them, so every time they entered and left Mike’s house, I’d wave to them with much anxiety just to say ‘ hi .’

basement floodedOne day as I was doing my ‘hi’ rituals and Mike called me over to meet his band members. Afterward, we got closer and as they say, ‘the rest is history.’ Mike once requested me to help him set up the band instruments in his basement before the guys arrived for the usual practice. When I was done admiring their beautiful bassoon, I placed it in its’ rightful position and reached out for the adorable flute. ‘ May I play it? ‘, I asked vividly. Mike gave me the green light waiting to hear how I sounded. I was doing well until I noticed a big dump patch in the ceiling. ‘ Whoa! That can create a big mess,’ I told Mike. His response was rather reluctant. ‘ That has been there for quite a long time,’ he said.

After a lengthy discussion advising him on why he should fix the leak with immediate,  he assured me that the next time I’d visit, the leak would be fixed. However, he broke his promise and the leak, though not dripping water was still there. Being more worried for their instruments than they were, I asked my mom what we could do about the leak. She directed me to a local Leak detection London company she used saying they were the fastest and most reliable for that kind of job. I visited the site, and I had a flash back of Mike complaining of his high water bills. One fine day as we were enjoying the music, water came pouring down like heavy rain. The music suddenly stopped, we tried rescuing the instruments and the band gear, but it was too late. The gear was wet with water. Everyone sat down in regret. Mike finally told me to call the ADI, luckily enough their service number was online. It was late, but they didn’t hesitate to come out right away to help us out!  The professionals managed to fix the leak. They managed to use their four methods of leak detection and found the source of the leak. They were even gracious enough to do an internal and external leak detection of Mike’s house. Their pricing was constant, and we paid nothing extra but had the most value for our money.

It was a bummer to see the instruments ruined, but it’s a good lesson for us all. DON’T procrastinate. It caused much more heartache than it was worth. The guys were out of the cost to fix the leak, and it took them months before they were able to recoup the loss of the instruments. Never again!

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Classical Music Helps Curb Patient Anxiety

Dental injury care causes a lot of people to be anxious. Is classical music a way to deal with anxiety in patients? You can learn what music can do to help quell problems in the procedures done for patients in the following paragraphs.

Have you thought about the fact that music can increase good feeling through chemical changes in the brain? Many studies show certain types of music can elicit certain states of mind in people. This has been true since humans lived off the land and had tribes that sang and danced. It’s in our blood to listen to music and that’s why the visceral feel of classical songs can take you out of the dental chair and into nature or wherever else you imagine you are going during a particularly well-written piece.

dentist playing music for scared patientDental injuries are very painful for some people, so being gentle has a lot to do with how they feel. If you are in pain at a visit, you have to communicate it with them somehow. You can ask before you get work done to come up with some way to get the dental professional’s attention if something isn’t working right for you. For instance, you may have music on and tools in your mouth but you can still make a grunting noise or even just move your hand so that someone can see it and alert the dentist.

Anxiety can be something that’s impossible for some people to deal with due to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. If you have this kind of a problem, then you may want to speak with a psychiatrist or someone similar before undergoing dental care. Getting on medication may be necessary, and you have to make sure you tell a dentist if you’re on anything before they start doing work on you. You’ll still be able to listen to music, but sometimes that’s not enough for a lot of people that have very extreme anxiety that’s not possible to just meditate away.

If you have patients that are anxious during dental injury care, or you’re someone who has the anxiety, there is nothing better than trying music. Classical music, that’s slow and easy to listen to is ideal. You can try different things depending on your likes in music, so try this before turning to sedatives.

Music distraction has been show through studies to drastically reduce anxiety in dental patients. While relaxation was show to be a bit more helpful than music, both are recommended. If you would like to look into research further, have a look at a 2008 placed by some of the leading scientists in the area.

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Why Health Food Store Plays A Certain Types Of Music

Women pushing cart in health food store


No one can doubt the depth of the human will and how it can drive a person to do whatever they desire. When a human being is willing to commit to a healthy lifestyle positive changes will happen. Whether you’re at the gym, following a diet or in the process of fitness as a whole, you need constant connection to motivation.

It’s hard to stay motivated to your health goals when you do not see visual rewards. We often forget how important diet can attribute to your physique. Online healthy food stores like www.naturalhealthorganics.com.au allow you to make healthy snack food decisions. We have all at some point in our lives visited a health food store and had the vision and mission of being healthier. However, have you questioned why you feel so motivated in a health store? Why do you pull out your hard earned money and purchase products you may not use in the future? It’s simple; it’s motivation.

man chosing health bars in storeHealth stores know exactly how to utilize the environment to fire up your inner spirit and force you to make healthy choices. One of the main factors is the music. Yes; get a chance to listen to the background music being played in any healthy food store and you will be shocked by the hand-selected music. This music is being played to enhance your mood, pushing you to feel that you are already taking steps towards being healthy and that you are going to move on with your fitness goals. This technique is not necessary a bad thing, as you will get what you want and have a higher chance of actually achieving your goal and on the other hand, the store sales are going to increase. You will find this same strategy in each and every gym, where they tend to play high tempo music that appeals to your inner warrior and helps you do more and achieve more. Why does this matter? Because these are tactics you can use to motivate yourself continually to achieve your health goals. If you have to play upbeat music on a daily basis to keep that inner spirit fired up, so be it! So the next time you enter a health food store, make sure to throw an ear on the music being played and listen to the fire of your soul!

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What To Do When You’ve Lost A Pet

I desired to share this story about our Canine, Baxter due to the fact that I know numerous individuals have actually gone through a similar circumstance and no matter who it takes place to, it is always a terrible thing. I also wanted to share this story because of this excellent business that develops custom stuffed dogs just from their pictures alone.

It was a difficult day when I came house from work to discover that my canine, Baxter, had actually some how discovered his way outside, and got lost. The person who suffered the most during this time was my child, Luke.

Baxter had been Luke’s finest friend from the time we brought him home. Now that he was gone Luke declined to sleep, he would remain up all night weeping for Baxter.

Baxter cuddle cloneOne day, while Luke was in childcare, I went out with a good friend of mine and I informed her about Baxter and Luke. She recommended I check out getting a customized stuffed dog of Baxter for Luke.

“All you have to do is send in a picture of Baxter and they can make a stuffed animal that’s a exact replica of him!” she told me. I thanked her for her tip and then virtually ran house.

I was extremely excited as I typed “custom stuffed dogs” into the search engine. Sure enough, I could order a stuffed canine that looked precisely like Baxter.

When Luke and I got back from a journey to the park a couple months later, there was a box by the front door.Baxter cuddle clone

We opened the box together. His face brightened as I handed him the custom stuffed dog, “It looks exactly like Baxter!” he exclaimed.

“Yes he does,” I said “Now you can cuddle with him until Baxter comes back”.

That night Luke finally slept quietly cuddled up to “Baxter”.

My boy is much calmer and happier now that “Baxter” joined our family. We are still hoping Baxter comes house, but until then, my child has someone to keep him content and safe at night.

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