Missing My Drums

Drumming is my passion. It felt as instinctive as breathing to me. I have been drumming since I was in my teens. I played in school, I practiced at home and in my free time with whatever band I was in at the time. I would drum for hours at a time and play gigs 3-4 times per week. I knew that it was all I ever wanted to do and the only thing that made me feel happy and confident. It didn’t pay a lot, but that didn’t matter to me. I was doing what I loved.

The confidence and the rush I got from drumming were high; the physical effects on my body were not so good. Drumming places huge demands on the body. Drummers require a lot of physicality and dexterity which unfortunately has a price, as over time this can lead to injury. The physical force required when drumming and the repetitive nature of the movements can result in problems with the wrists, elbows, and hands.

This is what happened to me. I often practiced for 2-3 hours per day, which my physical therapist told me was too much, and it had been enough to inflame my soft tissues and tendons. You can have too much of a good thing!


Over time when I was playing, I began to notice pain and tenderness on the outside of my elbow. It also affected my forearm and hand. I played through the pain at first, but when it became unbearable, I sought the advice of a physical therapist.

After examining me and doing some excruciating manipulation of the area, he diagnosed me with tennis elbow. I told him that I was a drummer, and he confirmed that this was exactly the type of activity that would cause this problem.It involved the repetitive and strenuous use of the muscles and tendons in the forearms. He recommended using anti-inflammatory painkillers, using a finger strengthener and doing exercises to strengthen my elbows and wrists. He also said something I was not so keen to hear-’Stop drumming!’. Drumming was my life. I knew that I didn’t want to get to the point where I had to give it up forever, so I followed the advice of my physical therapist and got to work on the prescribed exercises.

I missed drumming, but it was something I had to do. Taking the painkillers eased the discomfort enough so I could do the exercises fairly comfortably. The main focus of the exercises I had to do was using finger strengtheners to strengthen the extensor tendons in my fingers which would strengthen my wrist and elbow. The same muscles causing pain at the elbow are responsible for finger extension.

You can buy specific finger strengthening devices online, but I was informed that using a rubber band would work just as well. All I had to do was lay the band around my fingers and thumb and spread my fingers apart as far as possible. I alternated between working all of my fingers at once and working two fingers at a time.I did this three times per day as advised. To work on strengthening and stretching my wrists and forearms, I did two exercises, each using a moderately heavy weight. The first was a wrist extension, which involves supporting the wrist on a bench or table with the palm facing down and weight in your hand. You then curl the weight up towards you.

The other exercise was wrist flexion, which involves the same type of movement but this time, the palm of the hand is facing upwards. I did ten repetitions of each exercise, three times per day. I followed my exercise regime religiously and within a few weeks, I took my first tentative steps back to my drumming practice. I now limit my practice to an hour per day to minimize the risk of further injury, and I am always aware of the need to use proper technique and get plenty of rest. Thanks to a good physical therapist, and some hard work on my part, I’m back to doing what I love.

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Shout Out To The Cleaning Service That Keeps Us Tidy!

apt being cleaned elsaWhether you like it or not, you might have come to the conclusion that 24 hours simply isn’t enough time in the day! Look around you and you will agree with the fact that our jobs keep us busy like never before. Due to this, there is barely time to eat let alone clean as you have to be purposefully on the go, anywhere everywhere, somewhere. Cleaning isn’t an option for us. Being on tour 1/2 the year, we were forced to look for an apartment cleaning nyc company to help us keep things tidy.

Simply put when we come back from a gig we want clean apartment each and every time. We want to work with a company that delivers high-quality service and professionalism; this apartment cleaning NYC service offers you the very best in top-notch services. Sparkling 4 you came to our rescue, providing trained personnel staff that know exactly what they are doing and how to do it hence getting a clean apartment in all areas was a breeze. With a reputation to uphold, this service cleans every other corner, and you get to have those neglected areas in your house sparkling clean. We felt comfortable and safe when them being in the apartment. Over the time, we have acquired high-end instruments and it was important that we worked with someone we can trust.

Sparkling4you deserves our highest recommendation. They took cleaning our place to another level, and keeping things organized is no longer a challenge. We can now bring people over after shows or invite other bands and managers over with peace of mind. It was embarrassing when folks asked to come over in the past. Pizza boxes, trash, funky smell are not good first impressions. Not everyone likes cleaning and getting someone who does a great job is a sure way of freeing up your time and get on with other important businesses. Shout out to apartment cleaning nyc Sparkling4you for keeping us neat and tidy!

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What We Do With Our Gear When We’re Not Playing

It doesn’t matter if you are in a classical orchestra, you are a solo artist, an electronic DJ or in a rock band like us; you require a good quality space to store your equipment for future use. We needed to find a self storage Edmonton location, and we found Place For Your Stuff. It can offer you the space to keep your decks, your instruments, your amplifiers, and your lights. This guarantees that your stuff is kept in one place for the purpose of comfort so that when you have another gig or another studio session you can make it effortlessly.

I’m sure you’re wondering now, would it be a good idea for you to look for a place to store your band’s equipment?

First and foremost, you should consider the security of your gear. You do not want to store your gear in a place that is shady and does not guarantee safety. You obviously do not want to get your gear stolen, so make sure you choose a facility that is safe and secure.

securityIn terms of security, an Edmonton storage facility such as Place For Your Stuff has cameras all over the place. The word “surveillance” gets a whole new meaning here. You and your stuff are on camera from the moment you walk through those gates. Also, the lockers in this place are made of durable steel that will hold your equipment nicely and safely. There are also bright LED lights inside each storage locker so you will definitely see everything you placed in there when you go looking for it.

Secondly, you have to consider how convenient the location of the storage facility is to you (where you live and where you play). So, if you are in Edmonton, you will want a convenient facility.

Thirdly, you need to consider the cost of storing your gear in a facility such as this. Place For Your Stuff, for example, charges us $16.50 per week for their storage Edmonton facility. This is the price for a standard five-foot locker. It is an incredible price that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Place For Your Stuff Self Storage Edmonton allows you to book a locker and pay for it physically or online. If that isn’t convenient, what is?

You can access your equipment at any time of the day and on any day of the week. After all, it is your equipment. This is one more reason why this self storage Edmonton facility is perfect for your band’s equipment. This is why we store our equipment here.

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When Our Music Gear Was Destroyed

Christopher Parker said, “Procrastination is like a credit card; it is a lot of fun until you get the bills.” My next door neighbors were the coolest musicians I  knew. Listening to their angelic voices from my place was the most beautiful thing I could ever fathom. I came to realize that they were a group of friends who came together to form a musical band. They would practice in Mike’s house ( one of the band members who was my neighbor) because it was spacious enough for them to keep their awesome instruments when they were done. I had been stalking them, so every time they entered and left Mike’s house, I’d wave to them with much anxiety just to say ‘ hi .’

basement floodedOne day as I was doing my ‘hi’ rituals and Mike called me over to meet his band members. Afterward, we got closer and as they say, ‘the rest is history.’ Mike once requested me to help him set up the band instruments in his basement before the guys arrived for the usual practice. When I was done admiring their beautiful bassoon, I placed it in its’ rightful position and reached out for the adorable flute. ‘ May I play it? ‘, I asked vividly. Mike gave me the green light waiting to hear how I sounded. I was doing well until I noticed a big dump patch in the ceiling. ‘ Whoa! That can create a big mess,’ I told Mike. His response was rather reluctant. ‘ That has been there for quite a long time,’ he said.

After a lengthy discussion advising him on why he should fix the leak with immediate,  he assured me that the next time I’d visit, the leak would be fixed. However, he broke his promise and the leak, though not dripping water was still there. Being more worried for their instruments than they were, I asked my mom what we could do about the leak. She directed me to a local Leak detection London company she used saying they were the fastest and most reliable for that kind of job. I visited the site, and I had a flash back of Mike complaining of his high water bills. One fine day as we were enjoying the music, water came pouring down like heavy rain. The music suddenly stopped, we tried rescuing the instruments and the band gear, but it was too late. The gear was wet with water. Everyone sat down in regret. Mike finally told me to call the ADI, luckily enough their service number was online. It was late, but they didn’t hesitate to come out right away to help us out!  The professionals managed to fix the leak. They managed to use their four methods of leak detection and found the source of the leak. They were even gracious enough to do an internal and external leak detection of Mike’s house. Their pricing was constant, and we paid nothing extra but had the most value for our money.

It was a bummer to see the instruments ruined, but it’s a good lesson for us all. DON’T procrastinate. It caused much more heartache than it was worth. The guys were out of the cost to fix the leak, and it took them months before they were able to recoup the loss of the instruments. Never again!

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