The Bus Tour That Took A Terrible Turn

In the summer of 2015, I was apart of a band that was on tour at the time. The tour was almost over with only three concerts left. After one of our shows, we all did like we usually do and celebrated by throwing a party in our hotel room with a few people and some drinks. Upon waking up late the next day to get back on our tour bus, the bus driver looked sleep-deprived and spoke with a slur to his voice. We asked if he was okay but he assured us that he was fine and that he was capable of driving and getting us where we needed to go safe and sound.

We went along with his words and minded our own business in the back. I am pretty sure that in the back of all of our minds that we did not have a good feeling about letting car-against-bushim drive us around but who else were we going to call to drive for us? By the time I got uncontrollably anxious, the driver was already driving, and he had reached the highway. He showed signs of being unwell such as having the worst road rage. Normally, people with road rage are normal, but it wasn’t normal for him at all. His anger included cursing, flipping people off, and cutting drivers off of the road so far.

Other than the bus driver doing those things he drove pretty safe. Before we knew it, we had a head-on collision that involved an 18 wheeler. I watched the whole incident and apparently the 18 wheeler has had enough of the bus driver’s anger and started driving carelessly and sped in front of the tour bus and stopped.

Our bus driver ended up dying as a result, and the rest of us were all severely injured but alive and well. Now the truck driver wants to try to sue the band for damages and more. We could not think of any good lawyers, so we sought a California accident lawyer to help us along the way. The band decided to fight the case in court against the truck driver who ended up losing. We were very grateful for our lawyer who helped us out tremendously because if we had lost our case, the charges would have been horrible so far. It’s a situation no one should ever have to endure. I’ve had so many dark moments, but the fans have always kept my head up!

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The Split Second That Changed Everything

hurt from accident

Last thing I remember, I was standing on the curb, leaning into the backseat to get my guitar case. Then I felt a blur of pain. Someone not paying attention ran their car into the back of mine, knocking me back into a low cement wall. After the accident, my back hurt so bad. I couldn’t play at gigs for more than fifteen minutes. I eventually had to stop. Playing is my life.

I was starting to slip into depression. The worse the pain got the worse I was losing my mind. Finally, a coworker told me about an auto accident chiropractor in Jacksonville that he had been to. He said it was the best chiropractor in our area. He, too, had been in an auto accident years before and felt great now. He told me to go see Dr. Nhat Nguyen at Meridian Integrative Wellness, and I could get away from a lifetime of pain. I was tired of this experience ruining my life, and my music career. One unfortunate day changed everything; brought me pain and depression, took away my passion of playing my guitar.

It was time to take my life back. I went online and found out how to get an appointment to see the auto accident chiropractor in Jacksonville – Dr. Nguyen. It wasn’t long before I was at my first visit. The staff was so helpful. After my first session, I felt like I was on the road to recovery. As time passed, I could feel my body healing and getting stronger. I was able to play at gigs for longer periods of time and I was beginning to enjoying life again. Dr. Nguyen took away my pain and gave me my life back after my auto accident. I hope I’m never involved in an accident again, but if I am, I know who to go to. Meridian Integrative Wellness changes lives.

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The Audio That Turned Us Into Thronies On Tour!

Touring around the country and playing music is great and all, but between the adrenaline rush of every concert is a pretty lengthy period of monotony as we’re on the road on the way to the next town to play in. Being a rather hyperactive band onstage, my band-mates and I get quite impatient when we’re on our tour bus with nothing much to do except stare at the sides of the freeway, the cars whizzing by, or our own, bored-out-of-our-mind faces reflecting from the windows.

clash_of_kings_coverTalking can get pretty old on a long road trip, too. Though my bandmates and I are huge bookworms, reading books are out of the question, as we wouldn’t want to damage our eyesight. As we were expressing our woes to a friend from another band, he excitedly gave us a solution: he lent us A Clash of Kings audiobook.

At the time, myy band-mates and I have never actually seen Game of Thrones or read the A Song of Ice and Fire series, except for our drummer who had partly read the first book. So, we didn’t know what to expect, except for the usual things you can expect from medieval fantasy books: blood, sex, and a mythical creature or two. We gathered around a table, and with a four-way headphone splitter I ingeniously rigged up (out of three two-way headphone splitters), we delved into the world of A Clash of Kings.

And the A Clash of Kings audiobook contained all of those things I mentioned you could expect and a whole lot extra. Though we couldn’t quite catch a lot of the references it made, as it was a sequel, it proved tons of exciting and engaging as it unfurled an intricate web of a plot right before our eyes (or ears). Though there were multiple points of view that didn’t seem to interconnect in any way (to us, at least), we’re pretty sure there’s going to be a pretty exciting climactic action once they do collide.

DaenerysOf all the characters, I like Jaime the most, but that’s just because I’m the type of girl that roots for the underdog. I’ve a feeling he’s not the evil, dishonorable man everyone makes him out to be, and is just really misunderstood. Our bassist, for some unknown reason, looks up to Jaime’s twin, Cersei. I don’t know where he’s coming from, but it seems that he’s the type of guy who looks up to total bitches. The band’s quite torn about this Daenerys character, though. She seems like she’s a tad too young to be a queen, and is in way over her head.

Though we might have our disagreements on which characters are good or bad, we agree on how amazing the character of Tyrion is. He single-handedly whips around the entire cast of characters with his quick wit, and it’s also because of that that no one can touch him, even though he’s a dwarf. That’s awesome no matter how you look at it.

I’m glad we bumped into that friend of mine and told him of our boredom problem as we were between concerts. I totally owe him a beer for introducing us to this A Clash of Kings audiobook, and the wonderful world of ASOIAF. That’s four more Thronies to the roster!

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Shout Out To The Cleaning Service That Keeps Us Tidy!

apt being cleaned elsaWhether you like it or not, you might have come to the conclusion that 24 hours simply isn’t enough time in the day! Look around you and you will agree with the fact that our jobs keep us busy like never before. Due to this, there is barely time to eat let alone clean as you have to be purposefully on the go, anywhere everywhere, somewhere. Cleaning isn’t an option for us. Being on tour 1/2 the year, we were forced to look for an apartment cleaning nyc company to help us keep things tidy.

Simply put when we come back from a gig we want clean apartment each and every time. We want to work with a company that delivers high-quality service and professionalism; this apartment cleaning NYC service offers you the very best in top-notch services. Sparkling 4 you came to our rescue, providing trained personnel staff that know exactly what they are doing and how to do it hence getting a clean apartment in all areas was a breeze. With a reputation to uphold, this service cleans every other corner, and you get to have those neglected areas in your house sparkling clean. We felt comfortable and safe when them being in the apartment. Over the time, we have acquired high-end instruments and it was important that we worked with someone we can trust.

Sparkling4you deserves our highest recommendation. They took cleaning our place to another level, and keeping things organized is no longer a challenge. We can now bring people over after shows or invite other bands and managers over with peace of mind. It was embarrassing when folks asked to come over in the past. Pizza boxes, trash, funky smell are not good first impressions. Not everyone likes cleaning and getting someone who does a great job is a sure way of freeing up your time and get on with other important businesses. Shout out to apartment cleaning nyc Sparkling4you for keeping us neat and tidy!

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